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Crate Handling System

The Crate Handling System is specifically designed to simplify the operation of bird hanging.

Birds are delivered directly to the hanging area in compact transport trolleys. These trolleys are lifted to exactly the optimum height for unloading and hanging by a hydraulic operated lifting system.

crate handling systemSimply moving the operating lever makes the crates containing the birds easily accessible for staff and means that they are always in a position for the most effective and ergonomic operation.

Several different trolley types are available to match the exact requirements of the plant.

The quantity of work places is flexible and designed according to the plant capacity.

Trolleys for all varieties of birds are available in different sizes.


Technical data: Crate Handling System

Type Operator
Hydraulic lift Hydraulic
pump unit
Compr. air
ESP Basic 1 2 1   n/a n/a