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container based poultry processing line


Full Poultry processing line from €115,000 EURO

These "ready to run, plug & play" poultry processing lines are suitable for up to 1000 chickens per hour. The tried and tested processing equipment is suspended from a steel frame (either galvanised or stainless, depending upon your choice), and ships ready to run in a standard 40-foot shipping container. The lines comes complete with a live bird hang-on area, water bath stunner with a high-frequency control unit, bleeding trough, scalding tank with jacuzzi water agitation, either a four-bank (32 disk) or a six-bank (48 disk) de-feathering machine (depending upon bird size) including a feather catching tray, head puller, evisceration trough with water taps, pneumatic neck & foot cutter and finally an electrical switch box.

The system is shipped fully assembled, wired up and almost ready to run. There is no need for costly installation visits by our engineering team. You need to connect 3 phase power to the control cabinet, and water to several machines. You also need a small compressor to supply air to the neck & foot cutter. The assembled lines all fit inside a standard 40 foot shipping container and need to be removed before use.

There are three basic lines: the smallest has a capacity of 500 chickens per hour. The mid-sized line has a capacity of 700 per hour, with the largest line capable of around 1000 chickens per hour. We also have a combination line suitable for broiler chickens, female sized turkey and ducks. We also have a separate "Plug & Play" waxing line for ducks. The base entry-level 500-per-hour line costs €115,000 EURO, excluding shipping to your nearest seaport, and includes a galvanised steel framework and the four-bank, 32-disk de-feathering machine. We have some optional extras available: the framework (as seen in the video)  that can be supplied in stainless steel for an additional €10,500 EURO. A six-bank, 48-disk de-feathering machine (for larger birds) (as in the video)  can be supplied for an additional €10,500 EURO.

You need to consider how to chill the eviscerated carcasses after they are removed from the system. Depending upon the volume per day, you might use 1 meter square plastic bins filled with ice water, or you could purchase a 1.6 x 3-metre spin chiller (see our pre-chill equipment.)

NOTE: The cost of the shipping container and delivery from your nearest seaport to your address are not included in the price.


Photo of the entire processing line structure.


Elevation and plan of the main processing line structure.