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sample factory layouts : 6000 birds per hour layout


6000bph Factory Layout

6000bph factory layout


Technical Details for a 6000bph Poultry Processing Plant

Product Frozen
Plant type Semi-automatic
Kind of birds Broiler
Average live weight 1,500 Grams
Minimum live weight 1,400 Grams
Maximum live weight 2,000 Grams
Capacity per hour 6,000 Birds
Bleeding time 2 Minutes
Scalding temperature 60 ° C
Scalding time 2 Minutes
Pre-chilling time 40 Minutes


The above mentioned data together with the layout of the recommended machines are based on general experience & information gathered from the client. According to local operating conditions and differences in bird's size, the above information and details may differ. We cannot be held responsible if the details do not correspond to the operating conditions.

Livestock is not a uniform product and varies in weight and size. Accordingly it may be necessary to re-adjust the machines and equipment during operation, if the weight range within the flock processed varies by more than +/- 200 grams.

This especially applies to the equipment in killing / defeathering, eviscerating and cut-up area. Any claim of malfunction of the machines due to higher weight differences than mentioned before cannot be accepted.