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finishing plucker


Finishing Plucker

Type: SLK

Finishing in-line picker, type SLK, is designed for final picking of tails or hocks.

Design and operation:
The supporting structure and casing are made of stainless, acid-resistant steel.
Drive is transmitted from the motor to the picking beam with the help of a V-belt. Each beam is driven by a separate electric motor placed in a stainless casing.

The picker is fitted with a mechanical hoist that allows for the height of the picking beam to be adjusted. Depending on the size of processed poultry and elements to be defeathered, the picking beams can be adjusted with respect to the transported carcasses.




Technical specifications:
Motor power:               1 x 1.5kW; 1 x 2.2kW
Power supply:             380V
No. of beams:             2
No. of fingers per beam: 144