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inline plucker sl2


Inline Plucker

Type: SL-2

The box-type in-line picker is designed for picking hens, chickens and ducks.

Design and operation:

The supporting structure and casing are made of stainless, acid-resistant steel.
The SL-2 picker can be equipped with 64 or 80 picking heads, with each head containing 12 rubber fingers (the 64-head version of the SL-2 picker is referred to as SL-2/64, and the 80-head version: SL-2/80).

Technical specifications:

  SL-2/40 SL-2/64 SL-2/80
Installed power 4 x 3.0 kW 8 x 2.2 kW 8 x 3 kW
Capacity up to 1,500 bph up to 2,000 bph up to 3,000 bph
Power supply 400 V;  50 Hz
Length - L 3,450 mm 4,710 mm 5,550 mm

plucker SL2 - diagram