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killing and defeathering : waterbath stunner


Waterbath Stunner


The Waterbath Stunner is situated within the killer line before the killer.

waterbath stunnerFor stunning, adjustable voltage is applied to the water and passes through the bird into the shackle.

The water level of the stunner is adjusted with a float valve.

The trough can be adapted to the bird’s size by using a winch.


Stunner switchboards are available as a standard unit with voltage control. A high-frequency version for optimum stunning results is also available.


Technical data: Waterbath Stunner


Type Shackle
on 6”
Voltage Vacuum Compr. air
WB 5000 all 5,000 0.3 - 0.5 220V n/a n/a
WB 8000 all 8,000 0.5 - 0.8 220V n/a n/a


waterbath stunner schematic