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automatic gizzard skinning machine


Automatic Gizzard Skinning Machine

Type: ACZ-2

automatic gizzard skinner - closed casingThe automatic gizzard peeler is designed to remove the skin from split/cut chicken gizzards and remove food content and any impurities accumulated on the surface.


Gizzard flows through the inlet to the inside of the machine, from where it goes directly on the set of counter-rotating cleaning rollers. The factor supporting the cleaning of gizzard is water, supplied to the chamber by pressing pumps. Used water goes to the drainage channel. The device after setting up in the technological line is practically maintenance-free.


  • High quality skin removal
  • Rejects can be sent back around the system
  • Easy access to inside of the device
  • Maintenance-free


Capacity10.000 pcs./h
Overall dimensions:L= 1200   W= 700    H min. 1050    H max. 1300 mm
Variable gizzard inlet height.
automatic gizzard skinner - open