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giblet cutter splitter


Giblet Cutter and Splitter

Type: RZ-1

The gizzard opener is designed for opening and removing the gastric contents from chicken gizzards, after separating them from intestines.

Design and operation:
All parts of the opener are made entirely of high-quality stainless, acid-resistant materials. It consists of:

  1. rigid body with height-adjustable legs
  2. chain conveyor mechanism, with a spiked chain, a guide and a pressure wheel
  3. opening blade with drive
  4. upper cover with gizzard inlet
  5. side shield of the chain conveyor mechanism,
  6. waste outlet.

Dropped into the inlet, the gizzard falls through a special channel between the adjustable guides onto the spikes of the moving chain. The rotating pressure wheel (counter-rotating to the spiked chain) pushes the gizzard on to the spikes. Immobilised in this way, the gizzard is cut open by the rotating blade.

Special guides, mounted behind the blade on the sliding strip, pull apart the gizzard halves and stabilize their position on the moving chain. Water spraying from the collector’s nozzles washes down the gastric contents. Moving along the sliding strip, the chain transports gizzards towards the outlet, where they are removed from the spikes by special releasers and slide off the outlet ramp to a container or directly to the inlet of the fat remover.

Technical data: Giblet Cutter & Splitter

Installed power: blade 0.75 kW / 2800 rpm
Drive transmission 0.55 kW / 1400 rpm
Voltage   400 V / 50 Hz
Capacity   up to 6000 pieces per hour
Water consumption 0.3 m³/h