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gizzard cleaner


Gizzard Washer & Cleaner

Type: MC-2

gizzard cleaner The gizzard washer/cleaner is designed for removing gastric contents and fat from the surface of opened gizzards.

Design and operation:

The gizzard washer and cleaner is manufactured in stainless and acid-resistant steel. Gizzards are manually placed into the machine. As they pass through the machine, they are cleaned of fat and gastric contents and washed with water. After these operations, the gizzards exit automatically.

The quality of cleaning and capacity of the machine depends on the size of processed gizzards, the amount of fat and quantity of supplied water. The gizzard outlet can be directed to the skinning or peeling table, where the next operation is to be performed – removal of skin from the inside of gizzards. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

Power Supply:380V, 50Hz
Installed Power:1.1kW

Notice! At customer’s request, the machine can be manufactured with a different height, e.g. to allow for its co-operation with the automatic gizzard processor.