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manual vent cutter


Manual Vent Cutter

Type: SRP-1

The manual vent cutter is designed for cutting and extracting vents from poultry carcasses.

Design and operation:
The manual vent cutter is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials.
The main part of the cutter is a two-part body, consisting of a drive unit, actuated by compressed air and a water-air collector (vacuum). A spindle with centring mandrel and blade is screwed to the spindle of the drive unit, through the water-air collector. A special valve with a lever for water supply is mounted to the side of the collector,
and in its lower part, a vacuum piston is mounted, whose reciprocating movement is synchronised with the actuating button of the drive unit. The vent cutter can be equipped with one blade with diameter D = 22, 25, 31 or 36 mm (according to customer’s request). Pressing the release button in the handle activates the vent cutter, by causing rotation of the blade and supplying vacuum to the collector. By inserting the mandrel and blade centrally into the vent, it is cut and sucked into the cutter (by means of the negative pressure), which allows for extracting it from the carcass along with a fragment of the intestine.
Releasing the button stops the blade and cuts off vacuum.
Stekownica ręcznaSubsequent pressing of the water valve lever supplies water into the collector, which pushes the extracted vent and removes impurities from the blade and the centring mandrel.


Technical specification:
Capacity:  max   2,100bph
Required utilities:
water                        – 0.1m3/h
vacuum                    – 20m3/h
compressed air        – 15-17m3/h

(working pressure:   6 bar)