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Automatic Cropping Machine

Type: AW

automatic cropping machineThe device is used for automatic cleaning of dewlap skin inside the chicken in the eviscerated-weight range from 800g to 2,500g. The device is manufactured with shackle distance of 6".

Design and operation:
The device consists of:

  • Frame made of hollow square section
  • Main shaft with a stationary cam drum. Upper and lower support plates are mounted in the upper and lower part of the drum, respectively. Vertical guide sets are mounted between the upper and lower plate. Each guide set consists of 2 sliding rods and one slider. The movement of sliders is controlled by a ø50 plastic wheel mounted in the back part of the slider. The wheel is guided along the track of the cam drum.
  • Drive of the cleaning rod is mounted to the upper plate. The cleaning mandrel is driven by a toothed element, which is fixed to the main shaft. The shaft, between the drive and the cleaning conduit, provides rotation of the cleaning mandrel, when it reaches the toothed element.
  • The position of carcasses is fixed by the guiding rail and leg guide mounted to the lower part of the main shaft. The guiding rails are mounted to the guide to ensure proper entry of chickens into the machine.
  • Drive to the rotating parts of the device is transmitted from the overhead conveyor by means of a drive wheel, mounted underneath the upper transverse beam.
  • Screw elevator for adjusting the height of the main shaft is mounted under the main shaft.

automatic cropping machine

Principle of operation:
Carcasses enter the device with their backs towards the inside of the device. The guiding rail, placed on the lower guide inserts chickens into the leg guide, where they are fixed. The cleaning mandrel is inserted into the chicken with the help of a slider block. Rotation of the mandrel begins when it enters the chicken and continues until it reaches the throat. Under the chicken, the cropping mandrel is cleaned with a brush, while still rotating. After cleaning, the rotation stops and the cleaning mandrel is removed from the chicken.



Technical data: Cropper AW

Type Shackle
Compr. air
AW 16/6 6” 6,000 0.35 0.37 + 1.10 n/a n/a
AW 24/6 6" 8,000 0.35 0.37 + 1.10 n/a n/a
AW 12/8 8" 3,000 0.35 0.37 + 1.10 n/a n/a

automatic cropping machine