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vent cutter


Vent Cutter

Type: AS

poultry vent cutterThe device is designed for automatic vent cutting. The machine is placed as the first one in the evisceration line, before the abdominal wall cutter. The device is manufactured with shackle pitch of either 6 inch or 8 inch.

The device consists of:

  • Frame, which is the base of the machine. The frame also includes a drip tray, guides and height adjustment system. A drum is seated upon the frame, which can be freely moved up and down, as needed.
  • Drum with central shaft, upper and lower plates, cam and the cutter assembly. The cam is mounted to the central shaft, which, in turn, is mounted to the frame. The cutter assembly, mounted to the upper and lower plates, rotates around the cam of the central shaft and must be aligned with the overhead conveyor.
  • Drive unit, consisting of the track curve and drive wheel. The drive wheel is driven by overhead conveyor.



Principle of operation:
Birds enter the device with their backs towards the inside of the machine.
The device is of carousel type, driven by overhead conveyor. The cutter assembly, with a blade and a vacuum probe, provides a pre-set cut depth depending on bird size.






Technical data: Vent Cutter AS

Type Shackle
Compr. Air
AS 10/6 6" 4,000 0.35 1.50 60  
AS 16/6 6" 6,000 0.35 1.50 100  
AS 20/6 6" 9,000 0.35 1.50 150  
AS 8/8 8" 3,000 0.35 1.50 40  
AS 12/8 8" 4,500 0.35 1.50 60